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8th October 2012


A New Project, And A New Beginning

We are excited to announce that we are launching a new blog to complement this Tumblog as well as the main site at SeductionFAQ.com. Here’s the link -

SeductionFAQ dot Org

Go check it out and then let us know if you like it!

2nd August 2012

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Why I Turned Down $160,000


Back in January, I declined my offer to work at a prominent law firm that pays first-year associates $160,000 per year. Instead, I decided to co-found a legal technology company called Amicus Labs.

There are 3 primary reasons why choosing a startup over law firm was the right choice (and, frankly, a pretty easy choice) for me:

  1. Practicing law is safe and probably fairly lucrative. But my team and I expect our venture to prove even more lucrative.
  2.  I can more efficiently and enjoyably spend my time outside of BigLaw.
  3. Someday I will be old. I want to look back and know that I did really big things.

In this post I will briefly expand a bit on each of these points. If nothing else, hopefully this will be of interest to law students or prospective law students who are interested in entrepreneurship.

1. Expected Futures versus Chosen Futures

A. BigLaw and Predictable Riches 

Students at elite law schools tend to be very risk averse. After graduation, almost everybody follows the BigLaw path—i.e., they go work for large law firms that pay really well. As Nassim Taleb would say, this path is expectation rich. The expected variance is pretty low. If all goes perfectly, you will become a partner at a prestigious firm and make one or two million dollars per year. Maybe a select few will even become Senators or judges.

The problem with BigLaw associates counting on such a rosy future is that it probably won’t happen. Not everyone can make partner. Attrition is fierce. People often find it draining, and escape as soon as their law school debt is paid off. Those who do want to stay around for the big money are often forced out regardless. But, financially at least, the worst outcome is still pretty good. Maybe you don’t make partner anywhere and maybe your work sucks. But you’ll be well trained, and as a Yale/Harvard/Stanford-educated lawyer, you’ll have an easy enough time making a good living.

B. Non BigLaw Lawyering – Higher Highs, Lower Lows

The range of possible outcomes is a bit higher for the minority of students that goes into public interest lawyering. In economic terms, the worst outcome (forever making $40,000 while trying to “fight the good fight” while trying to stay on top any of various loan forgiveness programs) can be pretty brutal. Then again, top law students who choose low-paid PI work rarely do so out of necessity. Maybe once we factor in the nonmonetary motivations that are clearly at play, the opportunity cost isn’t as high as it first appears. 

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Very entrepreneurial, and inspiring. Shows that the beaten path is often more alluring to most!

31st July 2012


Our Sister SeductionFAQ Site At Wordpress.com →

We have set up a sister site at wordpress.com. Feel free to check it out and link to it too. Give me your feedback! :)

31st July 2012


Tricks On Seducing Women You Never Knew

Many guys are just out there to get lots of new tricks when it comes to dating and seducing women, but the truth is that there really are just a limited set of techniques which seem to work when it comes to dating and relationships. Don’t fall into the trap of always looking out for trickery when it comes to improving your seduction game.

I have always been a fan of using female psychology tricks and techniques in order to get ahead. They are not easy, but once you mastered them then the sky is the absolute limit when it comes to getting your choice of women to date and love.

How To Seduce Out Of Your League

Master seducers like Derek Rake and John Bringo know that in order to be truly good with women, one will need to delve deep into the study of human psychology and persuasion. One good resource on seducing women is this article here on dating. You will never be short of things to say to women once you mastered those techniques.

Finally, remember that when it comes to relationships, you will always get what you deserve. Now, go out there and do your best!

31st July 2012

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I really liked Mario when I was growing up. This really brought back lots of memories!

I really liked Mario when I was growing up. This really brought back lots of memories!

30th July 2012



Known as the grand-daddy of all “female loophole” techniques, fractionation has been one of the most maligned seduction tactics out there today - simply because it has got the powers to really mess up a woman’s psyche.

Originally from the field of hypnosis and persuasion, it has since been “retro-fitted” to work in the seduction world. A famous technique known as the October Man Sequence (see octobermansequence.org) is also based on this little psychology trick. It utilizes some really hardcore psychology that hacks into a woman’s mind - so if you want to know what she’s thinking then you should use this technique.

More information can be found here:-


Learn it, but don’t abuse it!

2nd July 2012


Starting Yoga… And How It Made Me A Better Dating Guru

I have just started to practice yoga in my one bedroom apartment here in downtown Manhattan. Alas…. I have found peace in the middle of the cosmopolitan.

It all started when I went to Thailand back in 2009 as part of my soul discovery trip. My days in dating and seduction are taking a toll… and I have stopped taking clients for a while. When I was in Bangkok somebody suggested that I go up to Chiangmai to take up a yoga class.

So I went to this yoga retreat in Chiangmai and started taking lessons. It was mind blowing. If you are into yoga and meditation I highly recommend that you check it out.

Yoga has made me a better dating and relationships coach - there’s no doubts about that.

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2nd July 2012

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Dating Tip #73: Seduce her mom. 
Though in his defense it’s not his fault… Nine seduces everyone by merely existing… 


Dating Tip #73: Seduce her mom. 

Though in his defense it’s not his fault… Nine seduces everyone by merely existing… 

2nd July 2012


Quick video courtesy of those folks at http://tommyfusco.efx2blogs.com

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2nd July 2012


How To Seduce Women Like A Pro

Many guys come up to me and ask if I could give then seduction advice. I usually oblige because I know how hard it is to be in a desperate situation when it comes to dating women. Dating is hard, and every man deserves to have good relationships.

If you want to know how to seduce women like a pro, then continue reading to find out about three killer tips on how to seduce women and make them fall in love with you almost immediately. Read on and immediately improve your seduction game today!

How To Seduce Women Like A Pro - Techniques That Will Make You A Seduction Superstar!

  1. Read up on seduction techniques. As they say, knowledge is power. This is especially true when it comes to dating and relationships. The more you know about seduction tactics and tricks the better! The Internet is a good source of techniques that you can copy and use this weekend to get good results with women.
  2. Network with other men. If you want to know how to get a girl to like you, the best thing you can do is to ask for advice from the other guys who were in the same situation as you. The best seduction teacher is experience, and the close second are your peers who have used the same seduction techniques as you do.
  3. Learn fractionation. This is a powerful technique which enables men to make women fall in love in 15 minutes or even less. For a good coverage of what the techniques do, search on Google for “Fractionation Formula”.